Passage was on display from 16 February – 6 March, open Thursday – Saturday from 11am to 3pm at Shop 29, TCB, Valley Mall, Brisbane.





‘The source of creativity is an enigma. Approaching the making
of art in a devotional manner, I aspire to a contemplative space where art transmutes somethingfrom nothing. ”  – David Nixon

David Nixon’s work, Being (2007), is a grid work of linocuts that exhausts the possibilities of reductionist printing and the material linoleum. In this work a builder’s drill is utilised to explore a personal visual vocabulary that shifts from the precise to the painterly. Being is comprised of forty-two states taken from the same piece of linoleum, consequently destroyed in this investigative process. An oxymoron of creating through destruction is established.


“Art and music are as close as our eyes and ears.” David Nixon

Lam, Kitten Party and Nixon collaboratively utilise the prints of Being as a resource in the video work Passage (2010) to exemplify the possibilities of creative development through recycling. The title Passage reflects a significant aspect of the work, that of the metamorphosing from one visual sphere to another. Responding to the continuity inherent in its static resource, Passage develops a thematic dialogue between order and disorder. Animating the visual vocabulary of Being emphasises its rhythms – a consequential syncopation brings the work into an optically hypnotic state.

Passage is a video collaboration between Lam and Nixon with sound by Nixon and Kitten Party that aspires to sustain an oscillating equilibrium of sight and sound. The soundscapes of Passage explore how sound can dramatically shift the atmosphere of a work of art, in particular in regards to the spatial dimensions of its visual reception.

About the artists..

Audrey Lam was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Brisbane. She completed a Bachelor of Screen Production in 2001 and a Master of Arts in Visual Arts in 2009, both at Queensland College of Art. Her work has been presented at various galleries and film and animation festivals, including Stuttgart Trickfilm-Festival, Melbourne International Animation Festival and Yebisu Alternative Art and Film Festival, Tokyo. She currently lives in Berlin.

David Nixon graduated with first class honours from QCA in 2008. He is collected widely and has had solo exhibitions at Woollongabba Art Gallery and the Museum of Brisbane. He lives and works in Brisbane, lecturing in fine art at Griffith University.

Kitten Party is a local Brisbane sound artist and musician.



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