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Fiona Mail is the scapegoat/pseudonym for the collaborative art practice of Kate Woodcroft and Catherine Sagin. As peers in undergraduate study in visual arts at Queensland University of Technology and as co-directors of No Frills* Artist Run Initiative, Sagin and Woodcroft assumed the Mail pseudonym in early 2008 and began exhibiting with Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space and BLKMRKT Project Space later that year. Since then, Fiona has been involved in various projects ranging from endurance drawing to DIY boat races. Fiona plans to abandon Sagin and Woodcroft on a quest for international art stardom.

Mail explores the dynamics of collaboration through playful interactions with objects and the environment. Mail typically interrupts or makes insertions into normative systems and spaces that govern the use of objects and the body. Mail adopts the posture of the conceptual performance artist as platform for absurd task-based activities that border on or blatantly fall into parody. Through performance, video and custom-built structures Mail’s practice is a dedicated study of the potential awkwardness of the body and its interactions with space and the viewer.

We are always trying not to repeat ourselves. 2009 (Digital Video)

This video is a response to a tateshots interview with collaborative artists John Wood and Paul Harrison. These videos are exhibited together.





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