Iceland finds Brisbane

Installation View

Ethereal, otherworldly, ephemeral.
Industrial yet softened, with an optimistic beauty to destruction.

A dark, chaotic, fallen space amidst wreck, ruin, and collapse.

Haunting and Conflicting.

Ruin and Optimism.
Struggle and Hope.
Humanity and Disease.

“Collapse” hints at the fragile state of chaos, and our humanity within it. It sees our political, economical, geographical, environmental, emotional and sociological states and the constant flux and re-emergence we harbour within our destructive collapse.

‘Collapse’ was a sensory and immersive installation built upon the similar ideas of immersive installation that founded ‘EIPOC’ with Independent Exhibitions. Evolving on from EIPOC, and drawing on new influences meant this time; more darkness, chaos and dramatic lighting came into play. The 24 hour daylight in Iceland left me CRAVING darkness!! ‘Collapse’ really wanted to delve in deep with the darkness found in our humanity and environments, it used a dark and uncomfortable soundtrack, dim and dramatic brown lighting, and rubble; found as is from a wreck and ruin junk yard installed complete with the found sprouting flowers in the broken concrete slabs and the ash left inside a rusted decaying metal barrel. The air was filled with haze, dim and contrasting light, and optimistic bubbles that took on the properties of the haze to make smokey bubbles floating past you. The floors were covered in dust and dirt, leaving only footprints behind that we had ever lived amoungst it for a moment.

Volcanic ash from the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull (the volcano that caused havoc across Europe in April 2010 and stopped all air traffic for weeks) was sent to Australia to use, but customs thought they’d keep it.

‘Collapse’ took over the Sue Benner Theatre, Metro Arts, Brisbane, as part of Free Range 2010 ‘Cross-Stitch: No Pluto, Just Stars’ curated by Lauren Clelland on June 26th. It was a one night only extravaganza with a range of talented artists consuming all the nooks, crannies and performance spaces of the venue.

This was a work inspired by my time in Iceland during a residency at Nes Listamidstod Artist Residency in Skagaströnd (April 1 – June 26 2010). I was still at the residency when it took place in Brisbane and it was brought to life spectacularly with the help of a dynamic collaboration between myself, Hamish Clift, Jasmin Coleman, and Kat Danger Sawyer.

More images can be found here:

or on my main website here:

All Collapse images courtesy of Hamish Clift.

-Melody x

Installation view during bump in.

EIPOC by Melody Woodnutt is a temporal installation exhibited on Sunday 5 March 2010

EIPOC is a new body-immersive installation to mix up context and being. Finding optimism in how sounds and objects can co-exist out of their normal contexts and in new and fresh realities. Fusing sound art and site-specific installation, EIPOC is based on an iconic architectural structure re-located to Gasworks, Fortitude Valley, this work will immerse and connect you to a strange yet intimate world. Traipsing through long grass in an open field, you will enter a place where you can tune your ears and senses to a new coexistence; a fresh blend of a new reality.

EIPOC dislocates the closeness and familiarity of a space and brings it into a new existence with sound.  It plays with the significance of context, dislocation, and environment and our direct relationship to them.

For more info see Melody’s home page here.

Postcard from Iceland


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