SKY NEEDLE are a conceptual rock band performing primitive hypnotic music played on home-made ‘unstruments’ invented and operated by Alex Cuffe, Joel Stern, Sarah Byrne and Ross Manning. Sky Needle live in Brisbane, Australia.

Sky Needle live at Objectophilia

“The music, well, let’s talk about the music. It’s stalking, eerie, the night stumblings of a pot addict; a literal time hammer bearing down the weight of its metronomic corrosive mechanism onto a skull that’s ready to step into flight mode. Oh, and the sweet meandering sounds of what could be a kids’ learners trumpet, but in fact… could be that tacky orange PVC piping? As Sky Needle say, “we are a couple of steps up from banging rocks together in a cave and a couple of steps down from modern music”. You can hear in there, the influences of the repetitive abrasion of 80’s New York post punk/no wave, but it’s got more rhythm and more soul. Perhaps somewhere between post punk and free jazz. Hell, why not throw in a bit of African Folk, outsider noise and distortionist gregorianism? The one-liner describing their sound: Uncle Fester discovers alchemy.” Sarah Werkmeister – Anxious Objects 2009

Joel Stern (latex pump horns)
Ross Manning (elastic dust shovel)
Alex Cuffe (bass speaker box)
Sarah Byrne (voice, percussion)



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