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J’adore la Troubadour

Sky Needle at the Troubadour Wednesday 21 April 8pm. The boys will be re-releasing their 7″ record Time Hammer. Don’t miss out on one off these limited new cover designs fresh of the press.


Passage opening photos

More photos from the opening here.

Rebecca Ross @ MOB

Rebecca Ross’s new solo show, Radius of Action opens Friday 26 March at MOB’s new home at 157 Ann Street, Brisbane. The ribbon cutting event will officially open their new Mezzanine Gallery space for Rebecca’s show from 6 – 7:30pm on Friday, we hear it’s all about the ply!

Sky Needle @ The Judy

Sky Needle cracked electronics version blast out light sensitive noise and pulse through a big PA. dance. FREE as part of miscellaneous event this Saturday 13 March 8pm at the Judith Wright Centre.

Line up = ross manning, joel stern (light sesitive noise), sarah byrne (larynx noise)

Also they’re re-releasing their limited edition 7 inch, details coming soon.

EIPOC: Ephemeral Intimacy Pod Out of Context

Melody Woodnutt’s one night sound installation has been rescheduled for Sunday 7 March 5-7pm at Gasworks, Longland St, Newfarm.


New collaboration work by David Nixon/ Audrey Lam/ Kitten Party, Passage is closing this week. You can catch the show this Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11-3pm at Shop 29, TCB, Valley Mall.

Join us for the closing party on Friday 5 March from 5:30pm-7:30pm, with live sound for the duration of the event by Kitten Party.

Summer/Autumn ’10 Artists Annouced

We are happy to announce the artists for our February – May 2010 Program are…

David Nixon/ Audrey Lam/ Kitten Party
Rebecca Ross
Lucinda Wolber
Melody Woodnutt
Akiko Yamasaki

These artists will be creating new work for exhibition in public locations. Follow their progress, join our mailing list at and receive previews, exhibition updates and invitations.